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IMPORTANT DATES: (Our Calendar of Events)
Dates in Red are open to the public at regular admission. Most other events are open to all Vasa Members. (Dates in italics are posted for officers and committee members.)

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Mar 05, 2010: Stenland Lodge - 30th Anniversary Dinner - The 'Jet Set is 30 years old this March. Come celebrate with us.
contact Evelyn Larson phone 845 359-1204
email: [email protected]
Event location: Old '76 House 110 Main Street Tappan, NY 10983 845 359-5476

Mar 09, 2010: Next Regular Meeting - March 12th - 7:00 Kaffeklatsch Only
contact Beatrice Rasmussen phone 845 359-5188

Apr 20, 2010: John Ericson lecture - Tuesday, April 20, Pearl River Library John Ericsson and and Solar Energy Leif Brisfjord, President of the John Ericsson Society, New York, will give a multimedia presentation on John Ericsson, the Swede who invited and built the ironclad USS Monitor used in the Battle at Hampton Roads during Civil War. John Ericsson was considered the father of solar energy research and development.
contact Bob Rasmussen phone 845 359-5188
email: [email protected]
Event location: Pearl River Library

Jan 01, 2011: 2011 CALENDAR - 727 2011 CALENDAR - See NEWSLETTERS click Calendar
contact Ken Olson phone 631 849-2287
email: [email protected]

Feb 01, 2011: 31st Anniversary Dinner - Stenland Lodge will be celebrating its 31st Anniversary next month. March 20th at 4:00 PM $40 per person See the NEWSLETTER section for the ANNIVERSARY FLYER that has all the details.
contact Evelyn Larson phone 845 359-1204
email: [email protected]
Event location: The Old 76 House 110 Main Street, Tappan, NY 10983 (845) 359-5476


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