Assuming your name is "Jane Doe", and you have administrator privilege for Lodge Demo #999, you would go to the sign on page: and enter your user name and password. the password will be masked with "*". You will be granted access to the lodge for which you have registered. The sign on panel is as below:

Once you enter your username and password, click the login button to see the following.

Note the buff colored sidebar, where the admin control buttons are located. Your name is listed at the top of the panel. when you are finished with your update, click the "logout" button at the bottom of the list. Ignore the "new Login button unless you have administrator privilege for more than one lodge.

Lets start by viewing the current officer list - click the "edit officers" button and see the panel below:

Note the message in red - there have been no officers posted for this lodge.  Build the first officer list by clicking the "record Officer List" button in the window, or the "add Officers" button in the sidebar. The following panel appears:

Note that there are pre-defined office titles, followed by lines of (---). Type in the name of each officer at the end of the line of (---), and remove any office titles you do not wish to list - see the example below where we choose to list only the D, Chair, Secretary and Treasurer:

Please notice the formatting codes that were left in place. <p> starts a paragraph with an empty line above. <br> forces a line break, and </p> closes the paragraph. These are standard HTML programming codes. Many but not all such codes are allowed within the text boxes.  Once your officer list is complete, click the "update" button. If you make an error, you can restart from the initial list of officer titles by clicking the "reset" button.

You will next see the panel below - this is the panel that shows when you click the "edit Officers" button in the sidebar, when an officer list exists. Note the name and date at the top of the window between the processing buttons. The entry was time stamped at entry, and the administrators name was recorded. Below the line, the officer list appears the way it will for the viewer of your lodge site. If you wish to change any information on the list, click the "edit Officer List" button in the window, or the "Edit Officers" button in the sidebar. This will open an editing window similar to the one you used to build your list, but it will contain the list of officers currently posted for the lodge. It will have update and reset buttons, but the reset button will simply return the box content to the list currently posted for the lodge.

When completely replacing an entire list of officers, (or if you wish not to post your officer list), use the "delete" button at the top of the list. First check the box next to the delete button, it is a confirmation box, intended to prevent accidental deletion of data. You can then build a new list using the "add Officers" button as noted earlier.

A visitor to your site who clicks the Officers button will see the panel below as a result of our actions. Note the date stamp at the end of the list.

Bob Anderson, Webmaster.

To register as an administrator for your lodge, send email to [email protected]
Mention your lodge number, and district as well as your name, office, and email link