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Luciafest 2011

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Have you been to a meeting lately? Sure it's great for our Lodge to get new members, but it's better to see ALL of our old members attending at least a few times per year. Our November meeting was held at the Gyllenhammer Home. Elaine and Roland are always gracious hosts. On this somewhat damp day the warm glogg which greeted us was most pleasant. Pea soup and plattar was always delicious. Thanks to our cooks. Our chairperson, Elaine McGrath led our meeting. A bit of good news from the midwest. Harry Hedin is settled in at his new Assisted Living facility in Minnesota. He was so busy with activities that he didn't even have time for a lengthy chat with Elaine when she called him. In December we will have our meeting prior to Barnklubben Elsa Rix's Lucia Pageant at the St. Andrew's Church. In January we are foregoing our meeting and will instead meet for lunch and a visit to the Broadway show "Little Mermaids." All tickets have been sold and distributed. A group of 26 will attend. Officers for our next term were elected, to be installed at the March meeting. Roland reported on the Irish legend of "Stingy Jack" and the lore behind the "Jack-O-Lantern." We welcomed ou viitor from Stenland Lodge, Ingrid Allison. Members are encouraged to contact Elaine Gyllenhammer at [email protected] or at (845)268-2544 to indicate preference for receiving future meeting minutes by email or by "snail-mail."


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