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Lodge Baltic-Framat/Tryggve/DM Visit

Our meeting this month started off with a delicious dinner provided by the members of Tryggve Lodge #88 for their 110th year of service to the District Lodge, Grand Lodge, Tryggve and NJ VOA lodges and members. The meeting was held after the dinner and we presented the GL, DL, VasaPark Trustees, PDMs and members of Tyrggve Lodge at the alter. Thanks to Kevin DeFeo, Ken Kallman, Mark Bernabe for assisting in the presentations. After all business was conducted the process of merging Tryggve Lodge and its members into Baltic-Framat Lodge was conducted by our District Master Randall Pearson. It was an emotional night for all present. Presentations were made under the good of the order to our DM and First Lady by both lodges. Presentations by Tryggve to Lodge Baltic-Framat, the Scholarship Fund, the Board of Trustees of Vasa Park and to the Archives and the VH Paper were made.

District Master's Official Visit

We enjoyed Marie Demboski's (DM) visit along with many Grand Lodge and District Officers on November 21, 2014. Our charity, Toys for Tots as well as the District Master's outreach program - Market Street Mission were both supported by the members of the Lodge as well as visiting Vasa members.


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