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About Lodge Arlington No. 62

We are a local lodge of the Vasa Order of America, a Fraternal Society originally established for the benefit of Swedish immigrants a century ago but now dedicated to preserving and sharing our Scandinavian culture and heritage.

We meet in the Cultural Center at Vasa Park, Budd Lake, NJ, on the first Friday of each month beginning at 7:30 p.m. (we don't meet in July or August) Our meetings regularly include sharing cultural information, bringing members up-to-date on events taking place, and a time for fellowship.

Due to COVID-19, please check the "Calendar" page for current meeting status.

Browse our website's other features listed on the upper left side of your screen. Visit our News, Calendar and Gallery sections designed to keep our members and internet visitors informed on Arlington's activities. Arlington members are very active in the Scandinavian community...some holding offices at the District level or serving as Trustees to help maintain Vasa Park's buildings and grounds. We also have fun participating in fundraisers and attending events.

Membership is open to men and women over 14 years of age of Nordic roots, (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish or Icelandic,) and their spouses who would like to rediscover the traditions of their forefathers; and those who are not of Nordic ancestry but are committed to the promotion and advancement of Swedish and Nordic heritage and culture. If you do not wish to apply for membership at this time, but are interested in Nordic culture or heritage, you are most welcome at our open events.

The public is welcomed to all open cultural events taking place at Vasa Park.

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