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About District Lodge New York No. 4

We are one of 19 district lodges of the Vasa Order of America, a Fraternal Society originally established for the benefit of Swedish immigrants a century ago, but now dedicated to preserving and sharing our Nordic culture and heritage.

In NY there are 9 individual lodges of the Vasa Order of America, comprising NY District Four.

The Vasa Order of America was founded over a century ago as a benefit fraternal society for Swedish immigrants to the United States. Benefits included a funeral fund, and assistance during illness. Over the past century, many things have changed, and the Vasa Order has grown to meet the new needs of the Scandinavian American community. Today Vasa provides members a means to share their rich heritage with fellow Americans, and helps them to learn or remember the meaningful ways and values of the "Old Country".

Membership is open to men and women over 14 years of age of Nordic roots, (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish or Icelandic,) and their spouses who would like to rediscover the traditions of their forefathers; and those who are not of Nordic ancestry but are committed to the promotion and advancement of Swedish and Nordic heritage and culture. If you do not wish to apply for membership at this time, but are interested in Nordic culture or heritage, you are most welcome at our open events.

We sponsor activities clubs in which Folk dances are learned and performed in authentic costume. Whenever we can we share our rich heritage with the public.

For more information on membership in the Vasa Order of America, and our activities in New York and beyond, explore our Links.(right sidebar)

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